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Books are so weird. It’s still August (although it’s feeling more autumnal here in Vancity),

but for us reps, fall is over! On to winter! That being said, I’m still catching up on my fall reading.

I’ve been making my way through Who We Be: the Colorization of America, by Jeff Chang.

Who We Be
The Colorization of America
by Chang, Jeff (10/21/14)
9780312571290 | St. Martin’s Press | RAI
Cloth | Price: $37.99

It’s a fascinating history, and I’m especially enjoying the chapters that deal with the

NYC gallery scene, because I’m an art nerd like that.



Happy Friday.  I thought I would give you a good pun to round out

your day.  Here you go:


Egrets, I’ve had a few.

Photo by Chris Robataille via Dana Gallery

Have a great weekend,


Hi everyone!

We are well into our Winter 2015 conferences and so far, so great!
At least, that’s what I gather from me creeping through my glass office
door at the presentation in the room next to me. It can get lonely in here…


The good news is that although I don’t participate in the conference,
I do participate in the food eating, during conference lunches. This is where
the magic really happens…and the tight pants. Not much to report this week
since everyone is ignoring me, ahem, I mean, in conference. So I’ll leave
you with a tribute to tight pants. Enjoy!

As crazy as it sounds, we’re about to go into conference for the Winter 2015 books!

I’ve already gotten a start on the picture books, and here are a few of my early favourites:

The Remarkable Tale of a Real Bear
by Walker, Sally M ; Voss, Jonathan D. (01/20/15)
9780805097153 | Henry Holt and Co. | RAI
Cloth | Price: $20.50

I think most Canadians know the story of Winnie-the-Pooh (thanks Heritage Moments!), but this is a lovely retelling, full of great watercolour illustrations.

Coming Home
by Ruth, Greg (11/04/14)
9781250055477 | Feiwel & Friends | RAI
Cloth | Price: $19.50

So this book had me sniffing, and Cheryl was sobbing. Mark remained unaffected, so I guess it doesn’t work on everyone. At any rate, it’s a gorgeous story, told with only a few words, and incredibly deft illustrations.

Second Banana
by Graves, Keith (02/10/15)
9781596438835 | Roaring Brook Press | RAI
Cloth | Price: $20.50

Oop the gorilla is an ape after my own heart. When she came up against a problem, ”She had a snack. Snacks always made Oop feel better.” ME TOO, OOP! Anyways, it helps, and she begins a new life as the Amazing Oop!


Books are foreverHello and happy Friday!


I hope you’ve had a good week; I have even though the rain has come back and

interrupted our wonderful summer.  I hear it is a temporary visit though and

summer should return on the weekend.  Meanwhile, isn’t it time to read a good book?


Have a great weekend,


Hi guys!

As I mentioned in a post a little while ago, Grumpy Cat visited the Eaton
Centre and I had every intention of going to see her. But then Saturday morning
came and there were all sorts of things to do, like sleep in and eat brunch, and
watch YouTube videos of Jimmy Kimmel/Fallon doing funny things…
Here is a review of how it all went, though. Please feel free to judge me
Grumpy Cat Mania Grips Toronto’s Eaton Centre

- Tamara

So. Hot.

It’s been unseasonably hot in Vancouver now for a few weeks. My brain is scrambled eggs. It rained

for a bit this afternoon and I wept tears of joy. I’m seriously done with summer. Bring on darkest November.

Give me howling wind storms and driving rain and shifting dunes of soggy leaves. I don’t want to be able to

leave the house without a kayak and a week’s worth of dry food

(although whether it will stay dry is anyone’s guess). I want to go down

to the beach in a parka and laugh at the pounding surf while the tide comes in.

In short, Dear August: Please leave.
UPDATE: It’s raining! Hooray!


Through the magic of the internet, you’re able to read this post, even though I’m on vacation in the Okanagan, visiting my sister and her adorable puppy. In honour of this exciting event, here are some pictures of mini daschunds:



And finally:


Happy Friday.  I hope you are having a good summer.

I have to say this year we have had such great weather

that summer seems better than usual.  I’ve had time away

(hot, hot, hot) and read good books.  Hope you have too.

Between the Pages of a Book

(especially in the summer!)

Have a great weekend.


Hello Friends!

I think you can tell by the title of this blog post that it’s
going to be an exciting one! Who doesn’t want to hear about my Excel
victory? The thing is, everyone else that blogs here is a rep and they
know things about books and all the exciting stuff that’s coming out.
My role here is very different. I sit at my desk and watch with envy
as the reps get boxes of shiny, hardcover books delivered directly to
their offices. As a part of their job they are to read these treasures.
Meanwhile, back in the Operations office I am scrambling with reports,
conferences, and of course, Excel spreadsheets. No shiny books for me.

Well this week I learned how to create a formula in Excel all by myself.
I know, I know, stop bragging right? :( I know no one cares. But while
all of the reps are lounging in their leather chairs reading books and
smoking cigars, (that part is not true) I am expanding my mind with
the world’s most complicated and impressive program that was most certainly
created by wizards. In which case, if I were to high five someone about
my achievements it would look a little something like this:

- Tamara

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