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I’ve been busy moving into my new house this past week
which, as you can probably guess, wasn’t stressful at all.

My new rental is a bachelor apartment which is cute and super cozy!

It’s also my first time living without anyone else and I hope I don’t get lonely.

Overall, I’m pretty excited to have my own little place, even if it’s at Vancouver prices!


Hi there!

In my attempt at getting into shape (by the way, I used that pasta machine last night and
it was FANTASTIC) I have decided to do some brain exercise as well. So I’m reading this:

Anna Kerenina
Canterbury Classics

juxtaposed with this:

Furiously Happy
Flatiron Books

It’s kind of like brain jumping jacks.

- Tamara


Last month my colleague Tamara had her wisdom teeth out.  Reading between the lines

I can tell Tamara was a good patient.   Cheerful and considerate of others –like the assistant

with the exceptionally long eyelashes.

Well today my youngest son had his wisdom teeth out  – something he has been avoiding for several years.

Here is how it went:

Midnight – the day before surgery.

Son:  “ Can I really not eat anything else?  I am starving – my surgery is not until noon tomorrow!

I will never make it!”

Me:  “ Of course you will – go to bed now and sleep as long as you can.”

12: 15 a.m.

Son: “ I really don’t want to do this – I am sure my teeth are fine.”

Me:  “Everyone gets their wisdom teeth out – just deal with it! You will be fine.”

Son:  “It’s a scam – the dentists just want to make money.”

Me:   Not out loud.  “Is he right?  Could be!”  “It’s too late to cancel!”

Next morning:

Me: Tip toe around house, unload dishwasher as quietly as possible and

make breakfast for me only – very quietly.

Son: ” I can’t sleep anymore.  I really don’t want to do this.”"

Me:  “You will be fine.” (In my head – I sure hope so!)

High Noon: At the Oral Surgeon’s.

Some chatting with assistants and then the surgeon who looks very experienced –

code for even older than me.  Is this a good thing?

Son:  “How long until I fall asleep?”

Anesthetist:  “20 seconds or so.  Think of somewhere you would like to be right now.”

Son:  eyes rolling backwards – out!

Me:  “Boy I could use a coffee!”

45 min later:

Son:” It doesn’t hurt.   I feel fine.  I could write a math exam – I am sure I am ok to drive the car.”

Me:  (In my head)  Hmmm –  How long will this last?  What’s in that medication?

The aftermath:


Not really my son – but a reasonable facsimile.



Learning about and taking notes on new books? Awesome.

Having the chance to ask fantastic publishers questions? Amazing.

Getting to eat pizza twice this week? The best.

This is my life now. I have no regrets.


Hi there,

This weekend I had a serious talk with my husband about getting in shape. I said that it only takes

one small goal to start with and then we can build it slowly and steadily from there.

Something small like three sets of 12 push ups (which, who am I kidding, is nearly impossible to do),

or jump rope for three minutes (another one that sounds small but that left me in a sweaty near-asthmatic

attack recently).

We talked about it and settled on a fantastic compromise: we bought a pasta maker.

I’m pretty excited and proud of our decision to take our physical well being from lazy, gluttonous beings

to lazy, gluttonous beings who are in exercise denial and who can now make their own pasta!

Good thing my workplace is supportive. I got myself this little gem:


Pasta by Hand by Jenn Louis

Chronicle Books


And also this:


Pasta by Antonio Carluccio



Work out complete!

- Tamara

I must confess I am not much of a baseball fan – because  – well it’s not tennis.

But I did enjoy lots of scrub baseball in my childhood.  Kids of all ages got together

summer evenings for a game out on the prairie at the end of our Winnipeg street.

I hear the Toronto Blue Jays are having an amazing season.  My neighbour’s mom,

Lorraine Macaulay who turns 89 next month,(Lorraine gave me permission to publish that,)

attended her first professional baseball game in Seattle last month. And the Blue Jays won!

When I saw the pictures I just had to smile.  Pure joy from a true Blue Jays fan.

Lorraine’s favourite player – Bautista – of course!

Blue Jays #1



Blue Jays #3


I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Vancouver is overrun with microbreweries

these days. This past weekend I hit the road on my trusty bike with some

friends, for an East Van Beer & Bike Crawl! It was a great time! We went to:

33 Acres

Postmark Brewing

Powell Street Craft Brewery

Calister Brewing

Storm Brewing

Bomber Brewing

Off the Rail Brewing

Strange Fellows


With a new job comes a new commute, mine being about an hour and a half every day.

As a book-loving person, using my eyes for “safe driving” rather than reading feels a lot like wasted time.

Hurray for audiobooks! I just finished The Magician’s Lie by Greer Macallister
and I was completely enthralled the whole time. I even sat in my driveway, not wanting to
go inside because it meant I had to stop listening!

So thank you, audiobooks, for making my commute a happy and bookish time of day.


Good morning!

Today is the first day after the Toronto Gift Fair.


Our stuff arrived three hours earlier than we’d planned.


But not before our coffee machine exploded.


And my breakfast caught on fire in the kitchen.


Oh, and it’s also Ryan’s first day.


This all happened before 9:00 am. We are all going to go back to bed.

- Tamara

Haunted Season


A slightly rainy weekend was a good excuse to sit still and read

the forthcoming mystery from G.M. Mailliet , The Haunted Season.

A classic cozy with a modern sense of humour, I truly enjoyed the setting and characters.

Max Tudor – former MI5 agent, currently vicar of the small English village of Nether Monkslip

has appeared in Malliet’s four previous novels:  Wicked Autumn, A Fatal Winter,

Pagan Spring and A Demon Summer.  All to be enjoyed rain or shine!


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